Diana Westberg

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I’m a Professional Photographer, TV / Commercial / Film / Web Art Director & Art Department Coordinator, and Internet Business Consultant with an intuitive eye for color, detail, style, and continuity.   I love to see dreams go from paper to the screens of every size.

My site is a little like a virtual handshake; giving you a glimpse into a who I am and what I’m getting into. Simply navigate the tabs to find out more.

I live by a simple tenet and apply it to everything I do: “Make it so.”

Simply, I love what I do.

I love getting inspiration from the world around me, and I love sharing what I do and know with others.

I guess in short, I’m a well-rounded powerhouse of skills, information, and energy who can pretty much get you the moon and keep a smile the whole way there and back.

If you need more information about how I can help make your business more visible on every platform, get your next project seen, create a viral commercial or print ad, or just get your film’s Art Department hummin’ like a smooth running V-8 muscle car, please follow the links on the Contact Me page and I’ll hit you back.

Be well and have a wonderful day!