Art Department Coordinator

Televison: 2013-Present

“Black Jesus” Adult Swim/Mike Clattenburg

Black Jesus IMDb

Commercial: 2009-Present

Zyrtec-“Nine Iron”: Radical Media/Gregor Nicholas

Lexus-“Action Hero” & “Rushers”: Believe Media/Javier Aquilera

ATT-“Family”: Moxie/Martin Granger

Farmer’s Insurance-“Autoboathome”,”University of Farmers”: Moxie Pictures/Martin Granger

Target-“March Essentials”: Furlined/Ted Pauly“Beige”, “Grandfather Truth”, “Nuns”, “Kissing”: Smuggler/Randy Krallman

Revlon- Anonymous Content

GoodYear– “Follow The Leader”, and “ComforTred”: Tool Of North America/Harry Cocciolo

Orange-“Back Light Snow”, “Taxi”, “Aerialist”, Taxi & Clown”, “Watchman & Orchestra”: Brent Spector/USA, Inc.

Selected Job Responsibilities:

Managed and allocated budgets and timelines to achieve project goals on time and at budget
• Prepared for and facilitated meetings with staff and clients to assess project goal relevancy and progress (Pre-pro, production, post production, etc.)
• Worked and multitasked independently to ensure projects stayed on track
• Employed creative problem solving skills to save time, resources, and manpower
• Researched and sourced applicable aspects of each project; with the unique ability to intuitively find “the impossible” and get it to the table
• Performed all necessary paperwork, filing, and office duties (time cards, PC, industry budget spreadsheets (i.e. PointZero), end of day reports, production reports, releases, insurance certs, POs, etc.)
• Locally sourced and procured production related props, equipment, resources, etc from prop houses, private sector and retail establishments
• Displayed proficiency with digital photography/video and editing for boards
• Efficiently managed all kinds of schedules, planning, travel arrangements for the team
• Completed layouts of storyboards, timelines, treatments and made sure they are perfect for executive review