Art Director

Commercial: 2010 – Present / Film: 2014 – Present


Fandango-“Twins”, “Sunburn”, “Showdown at Seven”, “Skydiving”: Paydirt/Len Fink

Stride– “Spark”: Chelsea Pictures/ Jack Cole

Digiorno-“Menus”, “Face Five”, “Game Time”, “Duo”: Chelsea Pictures/Rick LeMoine

Dodge– “Secret Door”: GlobalHue

Target-Home “Big Brands” & “Fall Revitalization”: Native/Tomer Devito

Red Stripe-“Relax”: Paydirt Pictures/John Bick

Bounty-“Chips & Salsa”, “Ups and Downs”,“Food Artist”, “Green Smear” , “Moving Stain” & “Dress”: Company/Larry Frey

Rimmel-“Match Perfection”, “Lash Accelerator”, “Lasting Finish”: Chelsea Pictures/Charles Mehling

Apple iPad– Company/Larry Frey

Taco Bell-“Brazilian Steak Taco”: Chelsea Pictures/Rick LeMoine

Waste Management-“Bagster: Take it On”: Company/Larry Frey

Chevy– “All Star-Mom”, “All Star-Dad”, “All Star Packer”, “All Star-Shopper”: Company/Larry Frey

Jim Beam-“Beamfire”: Framestore/Murray Butler & David Hulin

IBM-“100 Years”: Pytka/Joe Pytka

Dodge RAM– Company/Larry Frey


Vessels: AFI: Arkasha Stevenson

Under The Night That Covers: AFI: Paul Kowalski